vehicle there used to not Bea domestic violence charge for that but now if I broke the window out of my girlfriend or my wife’s vehicle we would be a domestic violence criminal mischievousness ban is citizens of Alabama we hope the legislature enacts new laws when weave an issue that needs to be dealt with and I assume that’s the case whereas there an uptick in property crimes or issues.

That made this law Tucson domestic violence lawyer necessary well I don’t know what drove this law Tobe honest with you and why the legislature determined that we needed to move into property crime situations something as criminal trespass which is just somebody coming on your property and not actually doing anything while they’re there just their presence alone was codified and made into a domestic violence charge but I don’t know the answer that that’s something you’d ha veto ask the legislature well you know we talked about what a domestic violence crime years we talked about who’s covered under the domestic crime statute let’s talk about.

what the penalties are why is it different or how is differentiate most of your domestic violence cases are going to be misdemeanor cases however one of the big changes that the legislature did in July of last year was an enhancement process whereby you move from a misdemeanor to a felony the way that process works is if you commit misdemeanor the first domestic violence that you have then you your crime is misdemeanor and you’re charged with misdemeanor well let’s talk about what misdemeanor is for you as you know Know. law enforcement do you think that could be one of the reasons for the new law that after someone has couple of strikes as misdemeanors that they could be sent away for a long time yeah I certainly think that was probably.

part of what the legislature had in mind with the with the enhancement purpose swell when you think of domestic violence you know I guess the thing that comes tony mind would be maybe a husband abusing his files but you see all different types and shapes and circumstances you do you see all kinds of it’s not just husband and wife a matter of fact Would say that that’s.

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